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Review of Think Like A Man (2012)

The battle of the sexes comes alive in a more modern sense in the rom-com Think Like A Man that comes out in cinemas soon. Think Like A Man is an adaption of Act Like A Lady,

Think Like A Man

by Steve Harvey, & is amusing at times & filled with plenty of smooth operators to make it entertaining to read. The only thing that would have been nice is if they had cut down the running time of Think Like A Man because at two hours, it at times starts to feel more like a lecture than a light hearted romp.
Despite this fact, the film is well produced & packed with a very attractive cast & combined with the loyal following of Harvey should have a strong release for Think Like A Man, attracting an urban audience that wants a more watered down Tyler Perry. Harvey takes on his own role in

    Think Life A Man

, as a bestselling author that writes a book approximately how women need to turn up the heat on their relationships by telling their secrets without caring what men are really supposed to think approximately commitment & intimacy.
One of the cast members of Think Like A Man who happen to buy a copy of the book is Gabrielle Union, who takes on the role of slacker Jerry Ferrara’s girlfriend. She is sick of living in a place that looks more like a dorm room than an adult apartment & tired of her boyfriend’s non-committal role in Think Like A Man.
Also starring in Think Like A Man is Taraji P. Henson who plays an exec that must learn how to lower her standards in order to fall in love with the attentive yet broke chef played by Michael Ealy. There is moreover Regina Hall, cast as a single mom that falls in love with a nice man who is tremendous with her kid yet always defers to his mother.
Finally, the cast of Think Like A Man would not be complete without a player, who is portrayed by Romany Malco, who is known for his sweet talking charm & fear of commitment until he meets Meagan Good, who follows the 90 day rule suggested by Harvey until she finally gives in to him. The book by Harvey seems to be helping all of the women obtain the upper hand with their men up until they obtain smart & then turn the tables back on the women.
The largest problem with Think Like A Man is the overall flow because while the screenwriters have a few rom-coms under their belt such as ‘Friends With Benefits’ they do not seem to easily deal with the adapation of the book to film. Instead it is cluttered with advice from the book being read by Harvey that distracts from the stories of the characters & at times even appears to be a bit more approximately self-promotion than anything else.
A slightly lighter touch on the stories would have moreover been nice as they obtain a bit involved sometimes for a lightweight film yet overall, due to the strong cast, they still come off as believable.

Think Like A Man (2012)

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