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Mr. Popper’s Penguins stars Jim Carey & finds him choosing the third option for his latest bid to find his king of the box office mojo that he lost some time ago, a film where he is paired with a gaggle of penguins.

This is a fall from grace so similar to other comedians & yet is makes it none the less embarrassing to behold the slide into cuddling with CGI creatures & Mr. Popper’s Penguins panders to an under 10 age group with Carey’s only job being to show a variety of reaction shots to his tuxedoed partners mischievous & hilarious hijinks & maybe a bit more important, add some legitimacy to an unfunny & dim project.

Mark Water’s film is based loosely on Richard & Florence Atwater’s kid’s novel that centers on Mr. Popper, the famed Carey, who is a Manhattan real estate tycoon who treats his children with the same detachment as his own father did to him.

His father bequeathed him a penguin & shortly thereafter more arrive He at first does not like them yet when his son & daughter take to the tuxedoed group, he changes his attitude & not only does it assist him in his relationship with the children, he moreover reconnects with his ex wife.

All this involves getting smashed in the groin & head with a football & having a penguin poop liquid nastiness all over his face. The only saving grace to the hilarious slapstick is that Popper discovers how to manually control the out of control defecating animals. But he does not use the squirting skills of the penguins against the horrible zookeeper who wants to take them away.

What is sad approximately the film is aside from a tremendous Jimmy Stewart impersonation & a slow motion gag it does not exploit the Carey trademark uninhibited out of this world zaniness. Anyone could have headlined the film for example Tim Allen would have been great. The bland aesthetics do nothing to assist with Carey’s performance which is neutered by his first being infuriated with the tuxedoed group.

Popper goes way overboard with its advertising for New York City with jaunts around the beloved Central Park & into the Guggenheim as well as references to the Giants & Yankees & even Popper’s attempt at purchasing the famed Tavern on the Green from an Angela Lansbury character who prizes a noble character before greed.

What is strange is why would a winter wonderland movie receive a release date in June. Yet the truly fatal part of it all is the utter desperation that hangs on every element of the movie, from Popper using repeatedly his old boss as a punching bag for old jokes to a dance with an avian sextet to Pippy, his British assistant speaking only P-word alliterative sentences. The only upside to this bomb are the wonderful Charlie Chaplin clips that somehow may assist the kids to see the superiority of true professional comedy at its most superior level.

Watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins Online Free

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