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tt1440292 Submarine


Release Date : 3 June 2011(USA)

Genre : Comedy, Drama, 3 June 2011(USA)

Cast : Sally Hawkins as Jill, Gemma Chan as Kim-Lin, Paddy Considine as Graham, Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate, Noah Taylor as Lloyd, Yasmin Paige as Jordana

Movie Description : Virginity, Dance Teacher, One Word Title

Movie Lenght : 97 min

Country : UK, USA


Language : English

Filming Locations : Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Company : Film4, Film Agency for Wales, Red Hour Films

Movie Summary :The coming of age of a teenager who’s moreover an outsider is such a familiar storytelling motif that it’s practically become its own genre. Yet writer-director Richard Ayoade, best known for his work on British TV, finds an effective way into that narrative in “Submarine.”

The movie smartly evokes the yearnings & insecurities of a young man gradually growing into his own skin, with its closely cropped depiction of teenage suffering, a stylized visual sensibility that never veers into pastiche, & a sincere lead performance from Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate.

Mocked at school, desperate for a girlfriend & panicked by the increasingly loveless marriage of his parents Lloyd (Noah Taylor) & Jill (Sally Hawkins), our hero finds respite in the person of a fellow classmate, a quirky pyromaniac named Jordana (Yasmin Paige).

The film unfolds evocatively, with scenes of the characters drifting through the garishly designed homes & vast industrial expanse of the bleak Welsh setting. The human moments stick, given weight by Ayoade & carried out with sensitivity by his terrific cast.
Plus the deadpan humor & outsized point-of-view digressions are perfect for a picture that lives in the offbeat perspective of its protagonist & beautifully captures his hormonal angst.

Watch submarine Online Free

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